Shihtzu: The Best Crypto Metaverse Gaming Platform in 2022!!!
4 min readJul 4, 2022


The term ‘metaverse’ sounds like something coming straight from a science fiction movie. It was first used in Neil Stevenson’s 1982 novel Snow Crash, where the metaverse was a virtual place for the characters to escape reality. With technological advancements like AR and VR in our world, it is finally possible to create what is known as the Metaverse — A fully immersive virtual world just like ours where we can do all our worldly things virtually.

With the rise of the metaverse, the world’s attention is shifting towards digitalization. For a fully functional metaverse ecosystem, we need a platform engineered with immense technology, the power of AI, AR, and VR, its own currency and finance system, a virtual trading system as well as highly immersive games.

Well, it’s a reality now.

The creators of the Shihtzu meme coin are now developing what’s known as the Shihtzu Exchange — a cutting-edge next-generation NFT minting and metaverse ecosystem based on the Binance Smart Chain technology where you can play immersive games, experience metaverse, trade NFTs, invest in cryptocurrencies and much more. Shihtzu is not like your regular metaverse gaming platform. It’s a futuristic platform for the gamers and investors of tomorrow based on a wild concept of transporting gaming and crypto to the metaverse that is going to shape the future of the internet. It comes feature-packed with its very own cryptocurrency — The Shihtzu meme coin ($STZU), an NFT minting marketplace, and a metaverse gaming platform, the Shihtzu Universe is set to increase beyond expectations in both the crypto and the metaverse gaming industry.

The Shihtzu Meme coin ($STZU)

In today’s time memes are all over the internet. The meme trend is a sudden and exceptionally viral sensation on the internet. A trend that is here to stay. The sudden rise of memes gave rise to what is known as meme coins in the crypto world. Meme coins came into existence after initially being started as a joke when the first meme coin known as the ‘Dogecoin’ was launched in 2013 by Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus as a parody of the viral ‘Doge’ meme. Later on, Elon Musk started making tweets on the Dogecoin positively which led to the rise in the popularity of meme coins and other meme coins started entering the market like ShibaInu, SafeMoon, MonaCoin, etc. Meme coins are the perfect currency for the metaverse. They are a fun alternative to traditional cryptocurrencies.

The Shihtzu meme coin ($STZU) is one such meme coin. It’s an advanced-level cryptocurrency made solely for the Shihtzu Exchange Universe. Based on Binance Smart Chain, it is a decentralized meme coin and is not bound by any bank or financial institution. It’s specifically built to support metaverse and its activities. The Shihtzu Exchange Token ($STZU) will be used as the only currency for the Shihtzu World and facilitate all the transactions be it scans, licensing, NFTs, or gaming. The Shihtzu Exchange Token is known as the “Future Meme Coin” — thanks to its advanced characteristics.

Here’s the fun part: The Shihtzu Universe will enable its users to earn and grow their $STZU coins while playing games. Buying and selling of NFTs will also be facilitated by $STZU tokens. Gamers can trade collectibles and trophies on the platform for $STZU coins and get rewarded for playing games on the platform. Further, the Shihtzu token will eventually enable its users to make real-world transactions. Shopping for your favorite brands using $STZU tokens, how cool is that?! It indeed is the future of meme coins!

The Shihtzu NFT minting marketplace

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are a booming industry right now. The global NFT market is expected to advance to USD 7390.8 by 2028 from USD 1553.6 million in 2021. NFTs are digital investments that you can buy and sell on the blockchain. They can be anything. It’s your digital ownership of art, music, videos, in-game articles, memes, etc. The community of digital art collectors is ever-growing, and the NFT market will continue to expand as a result of their rising interest and popularity.

The idea of NFTs came into existence in 2012, much before Ethereum existed. A pixelated image of an octagon named ‘Quantum’ was minted by Kevin McCoy in May 2014 and it’s known to be the first-known NFT. Later on, after a significant amount of research and development around the concept of NFTs and the advent of the meme trend led to the rise of NFTs.

The Shihtzu Exchange universe features an innovative NFT minting marketplace where you can mint unique and rare NFTs. Shihtzu NFTs can range from gaming items and digital artwork to sports memorabilia and physical assets. The Shihtzu world aims to make your NFTs functional and bring them to life using their advanced interface that will send them through QR codes to make them available. One can easily trade their NFTs and easily convert all their digital ownership to $STZU coins. You can buy and sell your NFTs from anywhere in the world on the same platform within the Shihtzu community for $STZU coins.

With all of that being said, 2022 is the year for the metaverse and the world is steadily making its way towards it. The Facebook Company recently announced itself moving towards the metaverse by introducing itself as Meta Platforms. Other companies like Snapchat, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Roblox, and Unity Software are also developing metaverse technologies. Soon, many of the biggest industries will already have moved on to the metaverse. Keeping that in mind, the Shihtzu Universe is being developed to effortlessly connect the gaming and crypto industry to the metaverse forming an ecosystem of their own easily accessible to everyone from anywhere in the world making it the best metaverse gaming platform for 2022.

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