$STZU is Fun But It’s Also Useful: Here’s What You Can Do With It

5 min readMay 31, 2022

With a cute name, adorable mascot, and a wholesome community behind it, $STZU is one of the most fun meme coin tokens out there. The mainstream appeal of this pet-inspired meme coin is undeniable, but that’s not all there is to it.

At Shihtzu Exchange, we’re creating a token that leverages the power of viral memecoins but also offers a wide variety of use cases, making it one of the only meme tokens with widespread utility.

To help you understand all the different uses $STZU offers, we’ve put together some of the most exciting examples for your consideration. By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly why Shihtzu Exchange is spearheading the financial revolution towards digital and connected economies.

Let’s look at some examples of what you’ll be able to do with your $STZU tokens.

1. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

This is going to be one of the earliest applications of our blockchain ecosystem. We’re going to empower users with a variety of NFT tools that will all be powered by the $STZU token.

For instance, our NFT minting platform is incredibly easy to use and requires minimal fees when it comes to minting stunning non-fungible token collections. And the only way to pay for that affordable gas fee is by using our in-house token.

Next, we’ve got the NFT marketplace where people from any part of the world can come together and trade their favorite piece of digital collectibles. So whether you want to sell an NFT of your latest art piece or buy the digital scan of a real-world building from someone else, the marketplace is where the transaction is going to happen and $STZU is the token that will make it happen. The Shihtzu memecoin is going to be the lifeblood of all the economic activity in our marketplace.

That’s not all. From celebrities with millions of followers to small creators with several hundred connections, Shihtzu Exchange is going to allow influencers of all sizes to airdrop their collection of NFTs to their community. Every single one of those transactions will be powered by the fun, safe, and swift $STZU token.

2. Metaverse Gaming

We’re already working on several video games that are going to supercharge the Shihtzu metaverse experience for our users. The best part is that our games will offer a lot more than just virtual collectibles. We’re going to create immersive and exhilarating experiences in the future that are going to completely redefine the meaning of the metaverse and the public perception of it.

For now, we have some ideas in research and development, including a card trading game that may go live next year. The best part about our games is that they will reward players not just emotionally but also financially by leveraging P2E mechanisms.

Our goal with these games is to create thriving economies that will reward our most cherished players. And every single one of these applications will be powered by $STZU as the exclusive currency within them. Trading trophies and rare collectibles in such games is going to be another exciting use case for $STZU.

3. Virtual Worlds

Virtual world experiences are another fascinating implementation of our metaverse that we’re considering at the moment.

By combining the power of VR and AR technological revolutions, and throwing massively multiplayer online gaming mechanisms into the mix, it’s possible to create a living and breathing virtual world where people can enjoy some wildly exhilarating experiences from the comfort of their bedroom.

These digital experiences will be intense and incredibly immersive once the latest developments in the VR space become available to the general public.

Eventually, we want to turn the Shihtzu Metaverse into a virtual world where people can own, rent, and trade digital assets and even virtual real estate. If you look at the Sandbox metaverse, they sold upwards of $80 million worth of virtual lands and assets in just one week of November.

Imagine what we can achieve by providing a more immersive experience where people can have offices, conference rooms, bars and restaurants, concerts and clubs, meditation and wellness centers, and so many other exciting replications of real-world experiences into the virtual heavens.

Obviously, these are all future plans that are far away at the moment. But when they arrive, $STZU will be at the core of all economical activities here as well. You’ll be able to buy, sell, trade, and hold anything you want with your favorite memecoin.

4. Real-World Transactions

With super fast and secure transactions, $STZU is primed to be accepted by real-world merchants. As more and more users start buying and transacting using the $STZU, businesses will naturally follow and start accepting this fun token.

Eventually, it is very much possible that you might be able to buy McDonald’s delivery and furniture from IKEA by paying using $STZU tokens.

Of course, big brands are not the only ones that will have to embrace the Shihtzu uprising. In 2022 and beyond, it is very likely that a lot of businesses and individuals will start offering their products and services in return for the Shihtzu memecoin. People are already trading using Doge and SHIBA, even though those projects offer very little utility. Just imagine the level of public interest we’ll see once Shihtzu Exchange starts going viral!

Once our development advances in 2022 and our ecosystem matures, we can definitely see a use case for people trading real-world products and services by using $STZU as their preferred choice of currency. When that happens, you’ll naturally be able to spend your $STZU tokens to get the things in life that matter to you.

Of course, there’s a ton of value in just holding the Shihtzu memecoin too. With so many exciting developments and partnerships in the pipeline, Shihtzu is going to be the hottest token of 2022. By buying today and holding onto this adorable digital asset, you can earn a lucrative return on investment and possibly life-changing wealth too.

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It is the first meme universe coin with NFT and metaverse ecosystem.