Why Tech Billionaires Are Betting Big on NFTs and Metaverse?

At Shihtzu, we love raving about the metaverse and NFTs. We believe that these technologies are the future of online commerce and digital interactions. But we’re not the only ones predicting this future.

Tech billionaires and megacorporation alike are betting big on the potential of these radical technological innovations.

So let’s start by looking at some of the exciting developments and then we’ll talk about the reasons behind this meteoric rise of interest in these applications.

Successful Investors Are Betting Big on NFTs and Metaverse

Mark Cuban, a world-renowned investor and businessman, is one of the earliest proponents of the NFT revolution. The host of Shark Tank not only claims that these digital assets are going to be incredibly valuable in the future, but he puts his money where his mouth is by investing heavily in these assets. While we don’t know the combined value of his NFT collection, it’s safe to assume that it’s probably in the 7-figure digits.

Let’s not forget about all the celebrities who are investing heavily in NFTs. Eminem, Soula Boy, and Grimes (ex-girlfriend of Elon Musk) are all dropping and snagging collections. Snoop Dogg is even running a new Twitter account focused exclusively on NFT investments and his collection is already worth millions of dollars.

Of course, businessmen and celebrities are not the only ones cashing in on the NFT and metaverse craze. Megacorporation are splurging billions upon billions to get ahead of the competition in the race for being the people’s choice of a metaverse.

For example, Microsoft is building a complete metaverse of its own using private funding. The company believes that digital avatars will be a big part of the metaverse, and hence why they’re investing in the creation of their own 3D avatars for teams.

Another big example is Epic Games. As one of the most coveted game creators in the world, Epic is going all-in on the metaverse craze by raising $1 billion worth of funding. That’s billion with a “B”!

Of course, the biggest example of all is Facebook’s rebranding to Meta. As one of the world’s most valuable companies that’s worth roughly $1 trillion, Facebook has shown the world that metaverse is the future and they’re willing to bet everything on it.

When the biggest social network with a worth of $1,000,000,000,000 is willing to change its identity to focus on the metaverse exclusively, there should be no doubts that this new breed of technology is the future.

What Makes NFTs and Metaverse so Powerful?

You already know that some of the smartest and most influential people and corporations in the world are investing heavily in these technologies. But you may be wondering why.

So let’s clear that up by looking at the appeal of both technologies below.

What Makes Metaverse so Powerful?

Think of social media and the world of online dating. Both were ridiculed initially as these platforms were seen as the hanging spot for social outcasts. People were incredibly biased against these platforms in their early days.

However, as time went on, more and more people started to realize just how much easier life is with these platforms. For example, instead of constantly trying to keep in touch with your distant relatives and friends, now all you have to do is to check your Facebook feed. With a quick glimpse, you can see what your college buddies are up to.

Similarly, online dating offers a far easier and approachable alternative to the typical dating experience of going to a bar and trying to vibe with strangers. Approaching random strangers in a bar is a nerve-wracking experience. Compare that to online dating and you can see why initiating relationships online is so much easier and less intimidating.

The ease of access and real-life improvements of social media and online dating eventually won society over. Today, people embrace social media with arms wide open and they no longer see online dating as some taboo or hush-hush thing.

Metaverse is the next big step towards making human interactions easier, smoother, and approachable. That’s because unlike text- or video-only interactions of today’s internet, metaverse will bring whole new experiences to our online interactions.

People will be able to sip virtual cups of coffee in a digital Starbucks, hang out in the parking lot of a digital supermarket, attend concerts and go bowling together in a virtual world. The metaverse will enable exciting activities and experiences so people can forget about trying to keep the conversation going and have some laidback fun instead.

Just imagine what augmented reality and virtual reality advancements will turn this entire experience into. As VR and AR technologies rise, people will start embracing the metaverse revolution faster and faster, ultimately reaching a point where hanging out in the metaverse will be as common as hopping on a video call with your loved ones.

Why NFTs are the Future of Not Just Art but Many Assets?

Digital universes are not some foreign concept. The world has experienced limited editions of these experiences before. Take massive multiplayer online games. Millions of people hang out in a digital world and have fun playing the same game. The experience may not be as streamlined or immersive as the metaverse, but it’s a good example of how powerful this technology is even when limited.

What’s the first thing that happens when people start interacting in an area? The desire for owning attractive items and expressing their identity with their possessions kicks in. This is exactly how games like PUBG, Fortnite, Clash of Clans, and countless others have managed to make billions and billions of dollars. They know that people want to express themselves through the things they own, even if those items are virtual and don’t exist in the real world.

Unfortunately, the problem with video games is that items in one game are limited to the universe of that game. If the game dies in popularity or you just want to play a different title, you have to start from scratch. All your items are lost because you cannot transfer them to the new game.

With NFTs in combination with the metaverse, your collectibles become versatile and boundless. You can use your items across games, social media, and other mediums. That’s because NFTs live on the blockchain where they belong to the entire ecosystem and community, not just the game developer company.

Thus, NFTs are democratizing collectibles in the metaverse. But that’s not all. NFTs can prove ownership of anything, from digital art and music to real-world assets like properties and scanned objects. The only limitation is our imagination.


As you can see, both the metaverse and NFTs can take our digital experiences to the next level. These technologies are key to shattering the limitations of web 2.0 and entering the new era of web 3.0. And Shihtzu is here to bring it to the public and give power to the people during this exciting paradigm shift.

Did you know that experts are predicting that the metaverse sector will hit a worth of over $1,500 billion by 2030? NFTs are expected to skyrocket as well.

At Shihtzu, we want to help the average person, that’s people like yourself, ride the wave of popularity of these technologies and make life-changing profits off of it all. So not only is Shihtzu going to speed up the adoption rates of these technologies, but it will also give the little guy a chance to make generational wealth.

The bigger these markets get, the bigger Shihtzu will get. So by investing today, when Shihtzu has dirt-cheap pricing, you can position yourself in a lucrative trade and make mouth-watering profits over the next few months and years.

To learn more about this token and help bring a useful memecoin to the world, be sure to visit the official website at Shihtzu.exchange.

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